Our Offering

Our will is to keep environment friendly vessels high with a charming design. An excellent team of Naval architects and designers managed by experts in marine & offshore industry is the back bone of our firm.

Our services in design are

1. Basic Design – From concept design to class approval.

2. Production Design – From Nesting to cutting plans & routing.

3. Naval Architecture calculations – All Design calculations in marine & offshore industry.

Basic Design

We help our clients in concept design as to get their ideas in to reality, engineering design & class approval drawings & its approval from statutory authorities.

Hull surface optimization

  • Hull form design
  • Hull surface optimization using CFD

Resistance & Propulsion

  • Resistance calculation by empirical, RANS solver and model test
  • Determining engine power, selection of propulsion
  • Propeller design

Model testing & Analysis

  • Model making and testing
  • Resistance test, Propeller test, Paint flow test, Cavitation test
  • Analysis of result and optimization

Seakeeping & Maneuvering

  • Maneuvering calculation
  • Design of rudder and other devices
  • Model test and analysis
  • Mooring analysis

Stability Analysis

  • Intact stability, Damage stability
  • Launching calculation
  • Inclining experiment and stability documentation

Classification Society approval drawings

  • Hull structure design and drawings
  • Machinery outfitting and piping design
  • Hull outfitting design
  • Electrical system design
  • Other Classification society drawings

Production Design

Advanced outfitting in blocks is the most favored method of construction adopted by all leading shipyards. This is a major factor contributing to reducing the time period of construction. A critical element enabling this method is the production design support. This includes 3-D modelling of all the structure and outfitting including piping, outfitting, HVAC and cable tray. Navgathi’s team is capable of supporting shipyard for construction in the marine and offshore industry.

  • Structural
  • Piping
  • Outfitting
  • HVAC & Cable Tray

Software Used

For all major projects, we use FORAN V70 (from SENER) to perform hull form design and all naval architecture calculations. For smaller projects we use Delftship Pro for such design and calculations.

The structural modeling and analysis is performed in Solidworks.

For CFD we use OpenFOAM. In case of slender hulls we perform powering calculations in Michlet.

Recent Projects