Our Offering

We undertake turn key projects for design and construction of specialised vessels in steel, FRP & wooden. Our experience is vast and diverse in types of projects successfully accomplished. Our four corporate values are: safety, quality, client satisfaction, and integrity.

We have provided flawless construction support to our valued clients, no matter what the project scope entailed thereby establishing a strong reputation for excellence. For shipbuilding and repair, Navgathi has the expertise and experience to tackle your next project, on time and on budget.

These include solar boats, dredgers, work boats, ambulance boats, passenger boats, weed harvesters and other utility boats.

Hull Material


All types of steel vessels up to 50 m in length. These can be inland or sea going; IACS classed or non-classed.


All types of FRP vessels up to 24 m length - single hull or catamaran; inland or sea going; IACS classed or non-classed.


All types of wooden vessels up to 30 m length - inland or sea going; IACS classed or non-classed;

Boat Yards


Near Azhikode, near Periyar mouth, 2 km from the sea, with sufficient draft to launch vessels up to 50 m. Material: FRP (22 m long), Steel, Wood


Near Sardar Sarovar dam in Gujarat, near the Narmada river, with facility to build three vessels of 15 m length simultaneously. Hull material: Steel.


In Maharashtra in the southern district of Sindudarg, on the river side with facility to build four boats of 30 m length. Material: Wood, Steel